1. red moon
  2. 光の旋律 (hikari no senritsu, Melody of Light)
  3. テトテトメトメ (te to te to me to me)
  4. fantasia
  5. 春は黄金の夢の中 (haru ha ougon no yume no naka, The Spring is in a Golden Dream)
  6. Kyrie
  7. 闇の唄 (yami no uta, Song of Darkness)
  8. 星の謡 (hoshi no utai, Chant of the Stars)
  9. storia
  10. intermezzo
  11. progressive
  12. Lacrimosa
  13. I have a dream

So again, after quite a while, a record review. This time, it is by a Japanese group, so you might have to wait for a release in your country or, alternatively, use one of "the usual channels"…

That being said, this is not your usual collection of otaku bubble-gum pop anime theme songs. Well actually… I found this album via an anime theme song, namingly of the rather moe Sora no woto. While I found the show mediocre, mostly derivative and existing rather for the purpose of fanservice — though I rather liked the European style and the slow pace — the opening theme grew on me, so I looked for the artist and lo! behold, found this longer version of "Hikari no Senritsu".

Normally, I'm neither into J-Pop, nor that Renaissance-fair folksy style. But I found quite a bit more on this album, owing not the least to the fact that Kalafina's mastermind Kajiura Yuki is actually a studied composer. There are chorals inspired by sacral music, classical instrumentation, electronic beats, middle-eastern influences, gothic drama — an eclectic mix, but well-balanced by obvious arranging and composing skills.

Favourite tracks: "red moon", "hikari no senritsu", "storia", "Lacrimosa"

(Note: I heard — as I'm quite interested in contemporary Japanese culture, but not particularly in anime — that quite a few of these songs have already been used as theme songs, as Kajiura mostly composes for these. Well, I guess anime are for the Japanese music industry what MTV was in Europe and America 10-20 years ago… So you might already know some of these tracks if you are an anime fan. If you liked them, this album is a clear recommendation.)